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Most Common Questions 

Here are some common questions we are asked regularly about buying our beef:
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What does a 1/4 or a 1/2 of a steer cost?

The cost depends on steer weight.   A quarter of an animal is around 700 dollars which includes processing.  We ask for a deposit when ordering a quarter or more.  We can always work with you on means of payment.  We accept cash, checks, and Venmo.

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What is hanging weight?

Hanging weight is the weight of the steer after field dressing (to include meat, bones, and fat).

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Who processes your beef?

We use one of two local beef processors in our area.  One is located in Wartrace, TN and the other in Winchester, TN.  Processing price depends on a set fee per lb of hanging weight and an additional harvesting fee.

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What is included in a quarter of a steer?

A 1/4 usually includes around 50 lbs of ground beef in 1 lb packages, six 2-3 lb roasts, 13 steaks to include ribeye, t-bone, and sirloin, fajita strips, cube steaks and 1/2 of a full brisket.  

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Ok, I'm ready to order, now what?

Contact us through email or through our facebook page.  We can work with you on available beef options and pick up dates.  

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