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Now Introducing a new website for ordering Beef and other Local Products (Local Pickup Only)

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We practice rotational grazing, erosion prevention, and handle our animals with utmost care.  We take part in our county extension programs and are proud partners with the state in programs utilizing soil erosion protocols for long-term soil preservation.

We pride ourselves on good cattle with elite genetics.  We strive for a sustainable farming operation built on strong work ethic, creativity, and the Lord's provision.  Our sale beef is grown on the farm and allowed to free range on pasture.   See our "most common questions" page for answers to many of the questions we get about producing well marbled steaks from the grass up.

Our beef is all "Natural."  Often, we are asked if we are organic or if we use antibiotics?  Our cattle are healthy, well fed, and grow naturally on grazing pasture.  We vaccinate our cows against parasites that are detrimental to their health.  We also supplement their nutrition with needed vitamins and minerals that they otherwise do not find in our soil.  Cattle not aided in this way often suffer from poor nutrition which is passed on to the consumer in the final beef product.

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