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We are Farmington.  We offer bulls, cow-calf pairs, bred heifers, and beef for your kitchen table.  Explore our site, and come visit the farm!  Located conveniently an hour from Nashville, TN.

About us
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We are a family owned and operated farm.  Started in 1985 by Margaret and Stephen Bills, "Doc," the farm continues to boast top-of-the-line Angus pedigrees while also appealing to local commercial farms.  Dr. Collin and his wife Kristin also live on the farm and enjoy watching black cows thrive on green grass.  Kristin is your contact for freezer beef.  We now want to welcome Bruce and Cara Kiesewetter to the program!  Bruce and his wife have been in the beef industry for a significant time.  They bring an eye for good cattle and an expertise in animal health and land management.  

We'd love to host you for a visit.  We are mindful of the difficulties the farm industry faces as Covid-19 spreads through the countryside.  If we can help you find good cattle in any way, let us know!

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